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Pool Safety for Hosts
Pools are meant to be enjoyed, so please take these simple steps to ensure the safety and security of both yourself and your Guests:
Pool maintanence
Ensure pools are regularly cleaned and maintain a proper chemical balance at all times. Be sure to keep all pool chemicals safely stored away.
Safety equipment
Hosts should have First Aid Kits next to the pool area and notify guests on how to access the First Aid Kit in the event of an emergency.

Other recommended items to keep near the pool area include:
Pool safety best practices
Ensure your listing’s address is posted in the pool area in case of an emergency so Guests will be able to quickly give the address to First Responders.

  • Ask Guests to designate an undistracted adult (a Water Guardian) to always watch children within arm’s reach while in and around the pool.  You can order Water Guardian badges for your Guests from our water safety partners at Colin’s Hope. 

  • Post signage that clearly communicates pool safety rules, areas for Guests to avoid, and other instructions to keep Guests safe.

  • The pool area should be secured with a fence that has a self-closing, self latching and locking gate. These gates should never be left propped open.

  • Pool drains should be VGB Compliant and checked regularly to ensure the covers are intact and not broken, cracked or missing screws. A faulty drain cover can result in a person becoming entrapped on the drain.

  • Please ask Guests to remove all toys from the pool when they are finished. Toys can draw young children to the pool unsupervised.

  • For ease you can refer to this safety checklist before every rental.
For more information on Safe Hosting Practices, please see our Host Information page.
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