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Pool Safety for Guests
The following pool safety best practices are designed to help keep you and your loved ones safe. We highly recommend following them as well as all pool safety rules shared by your Host prior to swimming.
Learn how to swim
  • Learn to swim before entering a Host's pool, all Guests should be physically able to perform basic swimming skills, including floating on their back, going under the water and resurfacing, and the ability to safely enter and exit the pool. 

  • Those who cannot swim or do not have basic swimming skills should wear US Coast Guard-approved life jackets. These floatation devices are an extra layer of protection and assist with constant visual supervision. They do not take the place of adult supervision.
Maintain supervision
  • Designate an undistracted adult (a Water Guardian) to always supervise children within arm’s reach while in and around the pool.
  • Children should not run around the pool or be in the pool area by themselves. 

  • Everyone should stay away from pool drains and jets to avoid getting stuck. 

  • There should be no roughhousing, breath-holding games, dunking or throwing of swimmers.

  • Use this safety checklist before every rental.
  • Learn Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) - We highly recommend that at least one adult guest in attendance is CPR-certified.
In case of emergency
Know the address of the pool in case you need to call 911 and alert first responders to an incident.
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